Our Safety Guidelines

While we know that experimentation and alcohol together may pose a risk to safety, we have taken all precautions to eliminate the risk and bring you fun vibes in a safe way. 

 Below we have listed Q&A about safety here at Intoxicated Chemist

Please read all the information, as it may be important to you. 

Q: Is it safe to drink in a laboratory?
A: While it typically is not safe to drink in a laboratory, Intoxicated Chemist is an immersive entertainment experience and NOT a real functioning laboratory- nor is it located in a real laboratory. It is simply a themed gallery, where consuming alcohol is safe and permitted for guest 21+. 


Q: Are the experiments safe to do under the influence of alcohol?
A: Yes they are! The following bulletins explain why:
  • No unsafe liquids or equipment are used.
  • Experiments are extremely simple and very easy to understand. They do not require any critical thinking skills that could inhibit guests from successful completion.
  • We have many trained Lab Assistants on site. They are ready to help guide guests, cheer them on, and, most importantly, ensure all safety protocols are being followed. 

Are there any unsafe chemicals?
A: No, Intoxicated Chemist does not use laboratory-grade chemicals. All liquids used are under the maximum concentration level of 30%, meaning they have already been diluted by 70%. 

Q: What kind of experiences are performed?
A: All experiments are simple, fun activities that have been enlarged in scale.

Q: Why do we need laboratory gear if nothing is harmful?
A: In science, we believe it’s always best practice to proceed with an abundance of caution, so we aim to eliminate all safety risks for guests by requiring the use of proper eye and hand coverings. We also want to provide projection for guests’ clothing during experimentation.  Plus, it looks great and makes you feel like a real scientist.